We are pleased to welcome you to our practice. Optometric Expressions is located at beautiful Horton Plaza, in the heart of Downtown San Diego. Our friendly, optometrists and knowledgeable staff provides excellent service for all of your eye care needs.

Our services include computer assisted eye exams, Optomap® Retinal exams, glaucoma testing, contact lens fitting of all types, visual field testing, co-management and consultation for laser and cataract surgery, and frame styling to compliment your lifestyle. Walk-in patients are welcome, and one day service is available. We also provide two hour emergency service — including bifocals, trifocals and progressives.

We accept cash, ATM, American Express®, MasterCard®, Visa®, and Discover®.

We realize that you have a choice in eye care and thank you for choosing Optometric Expressions.

A little about Optomap:

The optomap exam is fast and painless. Nothing touches your eye at any time. To have the exam, you simply look into the device one eye at a time (like looking through a keyhole) and you will see a flash of light to let you know the image of your retina has been taken.

The optomap ultra-widefield retinal image is a unique technology that captures more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image while traditional imaging methods typically only show 15% of your retina at one time.

See great all day, everyday

We have a variety of choices when it comes to your optical preferences. Prescription sunglasses or Transition lenses for ophthalmic frames are perfect for the San Diego sunshine. Contact lenses are also a great choice for a night out or a break from your frame.

Passion for Eyewear

At Optometric Expressions we strive to be current in fashionable frame styles and the newest trends. We are proud to offer both luxury and designer brands to our patients.


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